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Planting Ideas

This page has been set up to show some of our recent Custom Made chain screen designs. We have decided that the increasing number of pattern chain screens that we have designed is making it difficult to put them all in a brochure. New ones will therefore be set out here so that those with access to the internet can see them easily and anyone else can ask for a print out of something that they would like to see on paper.

For Gardeners

Some designs based on Knot Gardens, some Flowers in Pots and some Large Planters and a Variety of Plants which will fit in them. Any plant can be put into any of the planters.

decorative fly screens
custom made insect screen
beautiful bird screens
decorative pest control screen
Bullrushes in Planter 1
Twigs in Planter 2
Leaves in Planter 3
Fern in Planter 4
aluminium chain screens room divider
aluminium chain door screens space dividers
colourful front door screen
Knot Garden (Single)
Knot Garden (Double)
Knot Garden (Coloured)
detailed back door screens
professional chain door screen room dividers
original patio door screens
attrative patio door screens
Glass Jar

The following nine screens have been designed very much on a minimalist basis. These have been held at the design stage so that the image as well as the screen can be changed to any size that may be wanted.

rugby style pest control screen
cricket style fly screens
soccer style insect screen
horse trial style patio door screens
Horse Trials
tennis style pest control screen
snooker style back door screen room dividers
swimming style chain screen room divider
simplistic fly screens
plain insect screen

For Film Buffs

A couple of famous personalities also show how effective the aluminium chain screens can be at personal representation. So if you have a face or figure you would like to see on a screen we can probably make it for you. We have in the past produced owners' dogs, cars and birds for them.


With a difference: we can even reproduce a face onto an aluminium chain screen provided the image we are to work from is strong and clearly distinguishes the facial characteristics.

Marylin Monroe chain screen room divider
Charlie Chaplin aluminium chain screen room dividers
Marylin Monroe
Charlie Chaplin
View information on bird screens we have made.
fly screens and insect screens for pest control
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