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About our Aluminium Chain Screens

C.I.C. SCREENS are made of aluminium chains hung 78 to the metre on an aluminium 'picture hook' rail. The chain comes in 13 colours and is anodised so that it is colour fast, as well as being rust proof and easy to keep clean.
aluminium chain screens door screens
aluminium chain screens back door screens
The easy 'walk through' nature of the chain screens makes them ideal for, and attractive in, doorways. In conservatories, the chain door screens act as a pest control measure, keeping out flying pests with an attractive barrier but still letting fresh air in.
At windows they are particularly convenient because they can be reached through with ease and do not create a barrier to either the light or the flow of air. Easy installation and removal means that the chain window screens only need to be in place when the windows are likely to be opened. Window cleaning is easy. The nature of the chains permits good air flow and subsequently a more pleasant atmosphere.
The chain window and door screens are simplicity itself to install. The 'picture hook' rail hooks over screws which should be placed just above the doorway or window. The chain screens are equally appropriate for permanent fitting or putting up daily.
If the idea of protruding screws seems untidy or unprofessional, or the doorway is very heavily used, we have a custom made RAIL CHANNEL.
aluminium chain screens patio door screens
The channel is permanently screwed into position and the chain screen hooks over this instead of just over the screws. The channel cannot be seen when the screen is in place.
It is attached by 3 or 4 screws, which are supplied, and is neat and unobtrusive.
C.I.C. SCREENS offer successful pest control measures that will keep out most flying pests without the cleaning problems of fitted mesh window screens. They are not prone to grease or dust build up and they are also very easy to clean - either in situ, or by simple removal to a more convenient cleaning place.
 The colours we use for our door and window screens are:
front door screens
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fly screens and insect screens for pest control
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